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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to use a buyer's agent but have some questions? We totally get it. Let us put your mind at ease.

Perth property finder

Are you licenced?

YES! All buyer's agents in Australia need to be fully licensed in order to act as a Buyer's Agent. John is a licensed Real Estate Agent in WA, and our business, Drift Buyers Agency Pty Ltd, is a licensed Real Estate and Business Agency in WA. Drift Buyers Agency is also a member of the peak real estate industry body in WA, the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA).

Is a Buyer's Agent worth the cost?

We know that every dollar counts when purchasing property and that's why our fees are competitive. We require an upfront commencement fee across all our services to start your journey with us, plus a small percentage of the purchase price, paid on unconditional approval of your Contract for Sale (or at settlement by agreement) for our Premium Service, or as an additional set fee for our Auction Bidding and Negotiation Only services. While using a Buyer's Agent may be new to you, this REIWA article explains the cost benefits of using a Buyer's Agent and what you spend in engaging a Buyer's Agent can be recouped by the price we save you in negotiating a better deal on your desired property, not to mention all the time and stress we can save you! For investors, our fees are also tax deductible. Check out Our Services and Fees page for details.

What do your fees cover?

Included in our Premium Service agreement with you, the Commencement Fee and Buying Fee includes: 

  • conducting research in order to prepare a list of properties that fit your criteria and arrange for you to view them or we can view them for you and provide you with a virtual tour;

  • advise on the merits of individual properties and discuss market values;

  • conduct enquiries and searches with relevant authorities to determine if any issues affect the use and enjoyment of the property;

  • provide you with comprehensive suburb and/or property analysis reports (included in fees);

  • liaise with selling agents and engage in negotiations on your behalf;

  • assist with the wording of special conditions in Offer and Acceptance contracts;

  • monitor the settlement process;

  • liaise with contractors and settlement agents; and

  • oversee final inspections. 


We will also arrange building and pest inspections and other services as required but these are charged independently and are not included in our fee structure.

How long does it take to find a property?

Similarly to when you engage a Selling Agent, our Authority to Act on your behalf is for a period of 12 weeks for our Premium Service and Negotiation Only service but it's not unusual to find a property within the first few weeks. If you're seeking that 'hard to find' property and we haven't found it within the agreement period, we will work with you to come to a mutual agreement to continue your property search as we want to see all of our customers happy and find you the exact property you're looking for.

What if I find my own property within our agreement period?

If there's one thing that's for certain, it's that everyone knows someone who is thinking about selling. This is why we understand that sometimes you might find a property yourself that ticks all your boxes after we have entered into an Authority to Act (ie contract). In this case, in addition to the Commencement Fee you paid us at the beginning of our agreement period, we will charge you a $1000 (+GST) 'Termination Fee' which effectively terminates our agreement and recoups our time and services already spent on searching for properties for you.

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